BTB is a partnership between two brothers who have lived and worked abroad. Despite all the corporate experience, both owners love to BBQ at home which is the secret behind their mouthwatering, scrumptious, juicy and succulent homemade charcoal grilled to perfection burgers.

Legacy of the “Big Thick Burgerz” (BTBz) dates back some 25 years when one of the owners, Saad Amanullah while studying in the US tasted, experimented and BBQed different recipes of burger patties. After tasting many different combinations and using exotic ingredients, he came up with a much larger, more succulent and very juicy homemade burger patty which has become everyone’s favorite. This mouthwatering burger patty is what we are now offering to the general public as the “Most Wanted BTB”

Just one bite of our “Most Wanted BTB” and the one eating it, is hooked. Today there is a select few group of people who have tried and can swear by its wonderful taste of BBQ at the owner’s place. All various aspects have been kept alive, i.e. freshly made patties, rich and fresh ingredients, handmade, BBQ’ed on live coals which leave a rich smoky flavor and keep the patties juicy until the final bite. Best buns, freshly cut iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and onions and a host of herbs have been used to make BTB an everlasting and satisfying experience.